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BriTax are a firm of Accountants that offer a range of services.


BriTax Accountants provide a quality accounts preparation service for all sizes of business: so whether you are a Sole Trader, a Partnerships or a Limited Company, Britax Accountants have the experience, understanding to proactively provide you with a reliable, fast and efficient service.

BriTax Accountants takes the time to discuss and explain your accounts to you so that the service we provide will make a difference to your business. We also engage with your business throughout the financial year providing a proactive service, with relevant advice that you can use to make a difference to your business. We are a pro-active firm of accountants rather than reactive, we are committed to responding to all of our clients requirements as and when they arise.

Book Keeping

Bookkeeping, in business, is the recording of financial transactions, and is part of the process of accounting. Transactions include purchases, sales,receipts and payments by an individual or organisation.

Keeping records may seem like a challenge, particularly when you are starting out, but keeping good records will bring real advantages to your business.

Let us help you keep your records in order, this will allow us to ensure you only pay the right amount of tax.

Keeping proper books and records allows us to produce key information for you with ease and will allow you to make informed business decisions.

Also keeping proper books and records, help to ensure that your business avoids being charged interest and penalties by making it easier to pay the right tax at the right time.

We can help you with advice on what systems suits your business and how to keep your records up-to-date.

We aim to make a difference to your businesses – talk to us today to see how we can help your business.


We provide an efficient and comprehensive payroll service, which includes:

Administration of PAYE, national insurance, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, adoption, sickness.

Operating PAYE in real time (RTI)-  sending payroll information to HMRC

We operate weekly, fortnightly, four weekly and monthly payroll services.

Customised payslips

We also can assist you with reclaiming the £2000.00 worth of Employers Allowance and assessing your business and Payroll for Auto Enrolment the new work place pension scheme.

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VAT is a very complicated area of accounts, you are required to continually asses your business to see if it should be registered. Once it becomes registered you will need to consider standard accounting, cash accounting or a flat rate scheme.

What VAT can you reclaim, what cant you reclaim?

It can be very difficult to decide if you need to be registered for VAT and how to submit a VAT Return correctly.

Lack of knowledge in this area could lead to incorrect end of Year Accounts preparation and it is possible if this happens that the businesses may overpay or underpay VAT, for which there may be penalties, surcharges or interest.

We provide a cost effective VAT service.

We can help with completing VAT returns, assistance with VAT registration, advice on VAT planning and administration and use of the appropriate scheme

Company Incorporations

We are able to incorporate companies on your behalf, this includes Limited Companies, Limted by Guarantee, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), Community Interest Companies (CIC).

Once you have an incorporated company, we can act as agents to ensure that you comply with the responsibilities, this can include filing annual returns, share transfers, changes of the memorandum of association or the articles of the company, filing your annual accounts, filing dormant company accounts.

If you would like to consider what type of company you may need, from non-incorporated entites including Sole-Traders, Parnerships or Incorporated Bodies (LTD, LLP, CIC) then talk to us today.

Have a look at the webinar – choosing the right corporate structure.

We aim to make a difference to your business from the initial idea right through to successfully trading for a number of years.

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Self Assessment

Register your business or sole trader for taxation.

Timely Tax Return submission.

We are able to advise you well before the payment deadline what tax will be payable, it will not come as a surprise and you will be able to plan for it well in advance.

We will review your individual circumstances to ensure you are taking advantage of all the opportunities to maximise your tax allowance.

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