Check your Payslip with our easy to use calculator, our calculator will also calculate Employers National Insurance Contributions.

PAYE Calculator

Child Benefit

If you earn over £50,000 and you are in receipt of Child Benefit, this Calculator will show you the effect on your Child Benefit.

Child Benefit Calculator

Company Car

Allows you to establish how much having a Company Car is going to cost or save you.

Company Car Calculator


VAT Calculator, provides an easy way to calculate the VAT element of a given amount or add VAT to a given amount. Our calculator works with both the Standard Rate and Reduced Rate of VAT.

VAT Calculator

Auto Enrollment

Auto Enrolment, the Work Place Pension Scheme; our Calculator provides you with an easy way to determine your / your employees Auto Enrolment Status and what contributions will be required from the Employee and the Employer.

Auto Enrol Calculator

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